Help choosing an amp


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Aug 10, 2019
I have about £800 to spend on an amp and speakers and would very much appreciate some advice.

My main source will be NAS/Squeezebox Touch but I also use a Marantz TT-42 for a limited vinyl collection. The room is approximately 5m by 4m. I listen to a broad range of music, but increasingly get most enjoyment out of classical.

The Marantz PM6004 is getting a lot of attention and when I went for an audition the other day this was the only amp that the dealer offered up at the price range. I tried it with MA BX2, KEFQ300 and B&W685 speakers. The KEFs seemed more precise but the B&Ws really felt engaging and punchy, and I think they're something that I might get more enjoyment of in the long run.

Having thought I'd opt for the Marantz amp (yes, on the basis of reviews), I wonder if I should now be trying to audition other amps for the B&Ws. NAD or Rotel seem to crop up as a good match. Presumably they would be fine with the TT too? Any other suggestions given the budget? Another thing that I'm thinking of is lining up a future upgrade to a DAC. Might this have a bearing on the choice of amp now?


Hi StephenZero,

I think the marantz + B&Ws prob best choice but would definitely audition the rotel and nad. The kef q300's are a very nice pair of speakers but if you dont find them as engaging as the B&Ws then save the £50 and get a pair of cables you can pick up a terminated pair of qed silver aniversary or chord carnival silverscreen for around £35-40.

i dont think a future dac would have a bearing on what amp you choose now tbh but someone else might be able to shed abit more light on that.