Help - 36 hours to rescue recordings on SKY


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Mar 3, 2008
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Have Engineer coming round Wednesday for yet another SKYHD box replacement at £65. Problem is the remote sensor which has been dying for months but has now given up all together (multi remotes - no receiving flash, used to work after mains out for while even at 15 feet, then only 2 feet, then fine, then gone for hours!)

Anyway, before he comes, where is the access to the Planner button on the STB itself. There is TV GUIDE, Direction arrows, etc but the all-important green button is missing (used to be zero If I recall).

Phoned sky support and chap thought there was no such button!

Now surely, the design of this RECORDER box would not have numerous buttons and cursors but leave off the actual button required to watch a recording? Designers could not be that silly? I could understand leaving off ALL buttons so you are ####ed without a remote but they couldnt put them all on except one could they?

Sure there must be a hidden way? Please help.


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