Headphones - Around the £60 mark...?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all, I'm looking into buying some quality-ish headphones (but not too quality, SuperFi have some for £700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and wondered if anyone had tried any around the £60 mark and could recommend any... Obviously I have had a look at Sennheisers and Goldring(?) and Beyerdynamic, but not sure what to get. Also, I would be using them through the headphone socket on my Rotel RA-05 - which is a mini-jack, or alternatively if I can source a remote control for my cd player I will use the output on that which is 6.3mm [the remote controls the output level of the unit, which is default to maximum, so without it being turned down, headphones are a big no-no]... Any ideas greatly appreciated. Neil.

John Duncan

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Shop around for the Grado SR60 (you might get them for £60, though I couldn't immedialely find them for less than 70). Someone else here recommends the Allessandro equivalents imported from the States - search the fourm.

They have a mini jack with a 1/4" adapter.


which ones are "me recommended"?
And i might just be being really thick but can't find anything called allessandro bar perfume!!!


Don't worry about the allesserandros, to much trouble getting them over etc etc. The Grado SR60s are truly superb: They provide fantastic sound resolution, superb bass, a smooth treble and excellent timing which makes you really enjoy music with plenty 'o rhythm.


Hi Neal.. As I own both the Grado60 and the AllessandroMS1s I can't recommend them highly enough they are both incredible headphones. The Allessandros are by far the better headphone and cheaper than the Grados even buying them from the States. The cost of the Allessandros including postage is $99 with nothing extra to pay, when they arrive in the UK.. I ordered mine and they arrived within 6days in the same packaging as the Grados, that is because Allessandros receive the headphones from Grado and then make them better, how they do it I don't know but they do. Here is the web address for the Allessandro headphones hope this helps and also invest in a headphone amp, well worth the money. alessandro-products.com/headphones.html


Evenin' all...
I found some Grado SR60s for less than retail price of £70. Hurrah!!!
They were brand new, box fresh, for less than 3 score!!
£46. I'll say it again. £46. (plus £4 postage, courtesy our favourite internet auction site...)
But best of all, I pulled them up on SuperFi's website and when the other half saw all the awards they had won, she actually said "You've worked really hard recently, and they are a proper bargain... Treat yourself!!"
I nearly f*cking passed out!!!!

Now, about that headphone amp... ... ...

Thanks to all for your advice, much appreciated.