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Aug 10, 2019
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System: Michel Gyrodec SE with Rega arm & MM cartridge, MF X-LPS phono-stage, MF A3 CD player, Naim NAP90 power/NAC 92 pre Amplifiers,Monitor Audio Silver 8 floorstanders, MF X-Cans headphone Amp & Sennheiser 25 -13 II phones

Hi, can anyone please help? I have recently bought the "X-Cans" to hook up to the Naim's. I cannot get any significent volume through the phones - the volume control on the X-Cans does rise[so there is a signal] but at such low level it is barely audible. I have spoken to two seperate hi-fi retailers and both advised to upgrade my old phones [Sennheiser 25's] to the "600 ohm" version [Sennheiser 25 - 13's], this was recently done, but no change-still no volume. The output signal from the Naim pre is .775 - but surely this should be boosted through the X-Cans. Confused and very frustrated !!