HDMI Set Up for Yamaha RX-500D and Panasonic Super Viera TVs


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Aug 31, 2013
Having recently upgraded to the superb Panasonic P42GT50B plasma TV (much discounted on this year's GT60 models), I wanted to make best use of the HDMI connection possibilities. My old Yamaha R-V795RDS has done sterling service but is dated with no HDMI connectivity. So when I heard that Yamaha had brought out their first DAB capable system, I ordered the RX-V500D with 5 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out.

Despite following all the instructions I could not get the HDMI/ARC to talk consistently with my Panasonic Super Viera TV. I have a HDMI 1.4 cable connected from the Yahama HDMI Out to HDMI(ARC) on the TV and a TOS optical cable from the TV to AV4 on the receiver. At times I was unable to get any sound out of the Yamaha connected speakers. The fix was to power off and on the receiver. That was until I found the hidden VIERA LINK option to define the speaker whether to use the TV or Home Cinema speakers. To help others, this is the setup:

On the Yamaha, use the setup to set HDMI as follows: HDMI Control = ON, TV Audio Input = A4 (default), Standby Sync = Auto, ARC = On and SCENE set to BD/DVD = On, TV = On, Net (set to SKY+ Box) = On and Radio = Off.

On the TV, under Setup/Other Settings: set Power On Preference = AV, under Setup/Link Settings: set VIERA Link = On and HDMI Contect = Auto. Exit Setup and select VIERA Tools and VIERA Link, change Speaker Selection to Home Cinema.

You also need to follow the instructions for setting up the HDMI link and the single-button SCENE selection option. This involves a number of power on and off of each of the units.

Now, using the TV remote you can power up the TV and Receiver, select the TV or HDMI as the source and the receiver should select the correct SCENE for the source and change the receiver volume. Powering off the TV also powers off the receiver. The above setting of the HDMI Radio option to off, ensure that the receiver is no shutdown when you just want to listen to radio. It is worth mentioning, however, that you can not control the standby status of the SKY+ Box.


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