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Aug 10, 2019
Can anyone help me with the following set up? I have a Panasonic PX60 which I currently have my Xbox 360 (PC connect), Virgin Media HD box (Qed HDMI-P) and a Denon 1930 DVD (Ixos XHT458) going into the plasma. I have the Denon 1930 DVD player connected to my Sony STR-DA1200ES amp for audio with a Qed Performance Digital cable with the picture with an Ixos XHT458 into the plasma. My Virgin Media HD box has its audio using a digital optical cable into the Sony amp. And the Sony STR-DA1200ES amp is connected to the plasma with a Qed P-CV1 Component Cable. I have now found out from your magazine that HDMI cable is also the best for not only video but audio too. So I also now have a Sony PS3 that I want to have the best video/audio possible. So as the Sony amp only has two HDMI in connections and one HDMI out I know I will need to change the HDMI cables as I use my Virgin Media box, DVD player or the PS3. So to the points I would like help with. Do I use the set up as it is and swap the HDMI cable from my DVD player to the PS3 into the plasma? Then use another cable into the Sony amp for the audio? Or use the Ixos or Qed HDMI cable from the Sony amp to the plasma? And only use the other HDMI cable into the Sony amp for both video/audio? I know I need a 3rd HDMI cable too but want to know the best way ahead please. Sorry not easy to explain but should I just use HDMI cables one from the amp to the plasma. Then two into the amp from any of the other items (PS3, HD box, DVD)?


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Dec 28, 2007
Hi there, well, on your Denon 1930, you are never going to get any better than the Dolby Digital / DTS signal going into the amp through your QED Performance digital cable, so I wouldn't bother hooking this up via HDMI for sound as well since you only have 2 ports. I'm also not sure if the Virgin HD box sends sound via the HDMI socket (I know the Sky HD box doesn't) - does any one else know this? If this is the case, you may find the only lead worth hooking up via HDMI for sound as well as picture is the PS3...

On the other hand, hooking both the PS3 and the Virgin HD box (even if just for picture) to the amp will mean less cabling to the TV.


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