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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,

Fantastic site and contributions - I'm new to all this and it's been a great support in getting my head round what's available. However, I could do with some help on a problem if anyone can comment (I apologise in advance for the length of this post but thought it better to explain!)

I have recently moved abroad (Delhi, India) from London and the market here is slightly behind the UK / Western Europe in terms of product availability although it's still not bad. I had a 2008 Panasonic PX42 Plasma but have left that behind for my tennants (it was great).

I'm going to buy a new TV here and am having some problem choosing. I had originally settled on the Samsung LED UEC8000 46in (I have 11 - 12 Feet viewing space depending on Sofa / Mounting position). Reading the reviews etc I was keen to take advantage of the 2D HD & 3D capability for DVD (I'm not a gamer) but hadn't really considered TV input other than what I'm used to from the UK (I used Sky HD).

Having been in the showroom to view the TV in action, whilst the quality for HD and 3D content was stunning, the SD pciture from the Sky equivalent (Airtel / TataSky) was very very poor (grainy, motion blur? etc) and this is actually going make up at least 50% of my day to day viewing. The service providers do have HD content but it is very very limited here at the moment although improving. When I posed this problem to the "expert" in store, in broken English he suggested I look at a Plasma rather than LCD - I get a similar impression from posts here relative to the "softer" picture and ability to upscale?. I was very excited about having the sharpness of an LED but am feeling a little deflated now.

As such, please could someone help with some advice based on the following requirements:

46 or 50 Inch Screen (based on 11ft viewing) - Budget is about £1200 - £1400.

Plasma / LCD / LED?? (they seem to have some stock of the Kuros sets everyone talsk about here still)

Use for 50% SD viewing (source signal quite poor) & 50% HD viewing through DVD & Whatever HD Service I can get.

I would like to watch some internet content if possible (broadcasts).

I am an avid sports fan so motion rate is important.

3D is a bonus not a must have.

I am considering the following but have not managed to trial them all - any advice appreciated:

Pioneer Kuros - there are some sets still here in my budget but not sure which ones

Samsung UEC8000 - not sure this right based on SD.

Panasonic TX-P50V20

LG 50 PX990

Samsung PS50C6900

Sony KDL - 46EX503 (I can get this with your award winning Bluray system for a good deal)

I know this is a huge post but thanks to all who take the time to read and respond.



Anyone? Please save me from having no replies. I know it was a long post.....


Great, thanks. They actually showed me an SD DVD which looked fine, I'm more concerned about picture quality from an SD TV channel supplied by the local digital providers which the stores are not geared up to show would you believe.


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