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Aug 10, 2019
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I recently bought a completely new home cinema setup.This comprises of a 46x2000 Sony TV, PS3, sky HD, Bowers & Wilkins mt-30 speaker package and an Arcam Solo Movie with Rdock. Now im very happy with this setup as you can imagine. However i have a niggling problem. I am impressed with the the sound of my current system but having already built up a nice collection of blu-ray discs im becoming more and more interested in these new sound formats. Now i know the Arcam Solo Movie can't read these formats and after spending the amount of money i have i have no intention of replacing it for a few years, i was just wondering if there is anything that i could buy now or in the near future that could intergrate with my current system and would cater for these new sound formats?


The Solo Movie might be a fantastic piece of kit, but with HD disks (HD DVD & BRD) slowly gaining ground it will soon look dataed. I was surprised to see Arcam invest so heavily in new DVD players and the Solo, when HD is still better at the same costs. If you are buying Blue Ray disks I assume you will have bought or plan to buy a BRD player! For that you will need a new receiver/multi-channel amp (unless your Solo has 5.1 analog inputs). I would consider trading the solo in for a new setup. It's not a great prospect, I know. I looked at the Solo Movie recently and compared it to an upscaled SD image from a Toshiba HD EX1 player and thought the Toshiba was marginally better at upscaling. Seperates will be better in the future. I've also recently bought some expensive Arcam Stereo kit and wonder now how to best extend this to to home cinema sorround sound. The Toshiba HD player will then also be on the shopping list.


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