HD DVD Player, Worth it??


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Aug 10, 2019
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I own a 360 and have a 1080P 40”Tv My 360 is networked to my pc and I have downloaded a lot of apple 1080p trailers and hate watching Tv now, how did i ever watch it, its a pixelated pile of squares with less contrast than a monotone white painting calling its self Art!!! i can barely watch my star wars dvd box set without trying to fine tune it and haven’t even bothered with LOTR as i know a HD version is out there waiting to emerge... lets face it, DVD is never gonna look the way I want it to. Being tight for funds and unwilling to fork out for technology only to become as useless as a glass hammer and rubber nails im faced with the choice that all of us must make, HD DVD Vs Blue ray. Ok so you can say “ get both” but that doesn’t help as you are faced with the problem of which disc to buy. I believe that blue ray will win for the fact that every shop that i go to has more blue ray titles on display and some don’t even stock hd dvd. Also due to the name, alot of uneducated (in the arts of What Hi fi sound and Vision) people see HD DVD as a player that makes your DVD’s look HD and some how makes them better quality than the original source and are therefore unwilling to ever buy a HD DVD that for some reason costs more money than a standard dvd. So why consider HD DVD you ask? Well I have a 360 and if I buy the HD DVD add-on it will only cost me £100 And if bought now will come with (send of for) 5 HD DVDs Is multi format discs the way forward? Are HD DVDS gonna win the battle? Is it worth it even if HD DVD never takes of (If your a love film member you can rent HD DVD’s and therefore don’t need to invest in building a movie liberty just yet) What do you guys recon? £100 worth it ??? (£99 from Dixons) I’m leaving it up to you to spend my money.


[quote user="Headfunk"] Is multi format discs the way forward?[/quote]

Not the discs but the players. With your budget being so tight, the 360 add-on would certainly be the cheapest route to HiDef. Better, but more expensive, would be one of the sub £200 Toshiba's. £280 will get you into Blu-ray via the (almost future proof) PS3.

Alternatively you could buy one of the excellent upscaling dvd players which will give your current disc collection a lift. After the dust has settled you could then buy the format winning player or a dual format player if there is still deadlock.


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Sep 23, 2007
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Think you may have missed these:



Time to sit on the fence if you haven't committed already.

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Jun 4, 2007
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HD DVD really isn't looking too healthy from where i'm sat here in the US - the HD DVD promo group has cancelled the press event it was due to be holding this evening, and Toshiba wouldn't even take questions re the format at its press conference.

I've still got a meeting with HD DVD group scheduled for Tuesday morning, so let's see if that happens.

In the meantime, there are some very happy faces at Sony, Panasonic, Sharp.....And new hybrid players due (where have we heard this before) from Samsung and LG.


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