Has anyone auditioned Monitor Audio RX6 and EPOS EPIC 5?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Has anyone auditioned both speakers? I'm choosing between these combos:

Creek EVO 2 + Epos EPIC 5

NAD BEE356 + Monitor Audio Silver RX6

I've listened to both and liked both a lot, but since I was not able to listen at one place, there is no objective comparison between two (different acoustics, large time gap between auditioning...).

Currently I have a feeling that EPOS may have larger soundstage and better intrument separation, and better balanced sound, however a little bit more veiling thant RX6, which have a little bass and highs in brought in front, but has more clarity (however that may be false impression, since I've listened to EPOS after auditioning Audio Physic's Yaras..)
Hi Marmota

I've heard the RX6 with a Cyrus 8 system and they sounded really impressive. More importantly, I've auditioned Creek Evo2 with my RS6s and they have a very good synergy. Highly recommended.

The only Epos speakers I've heard is the older M12is and should gel very well with their sister company.

Can you not grab a home dem for one or both?