Harbeth XD pricing is outrageous

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plastic penguin

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Compare Harbeth prices with Magico or Wilson and Harbeths are a bargain!

The Wilson and Magicos will sound different, but not necessarily better.
No disrespect to you Sid, I don't care about demand overseas or that others have hiked their prices. Of course Harbeth are not the only speaker company to raise their prices. PMC have done the same. Where does this end? Every product has its ceiling price, whether its hi-fi, cars, antiques blah blah...

When I had the P3s XD for a week they were fabulous little speakers... not at £2600.

Back then they were retailing at £1900 new dealer prices. I mentioned, on the review I wrote on here, I thought they a very good £1500 speaker.

If they want to keep hiking the prices, unless people are stupid, they should realise they are being ripped off.

Companies like Dali are holding their prices pretty stable. Recently looked at the Rubicon 2 prices & they are almost the same prices as when they were released in 2014 of £1600. They've gone up £100 in 8 years.

When it comes to hiked prices, I'd rather spend the money on something else.
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