Grundig G650 international


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Dec 16, 2019
i have had the G250 Grundig and the Music Boy 1970s radio . The problem with the G650 was its price . In the USA well over $900 in the 90s In the USA they are well sorted out. For the fact they are the very best ever made The G200 range was very good as a general SW radio and for a decent FM/AM and mine worked well but sold it as the previous owner was a smoker . Perhaps should have kept it. But when this came up at £250 in such a great condition i had to buy it. The last one on Ebay USA went for around $600 They rarely come up for sale in the UK. Like most of the G range when they do , they go for very high prices indeed Notice there is a G600 professional for sale on Ebay at £395 The International 650 is actaully better than the 650 professional as the "pro" only goes to 12 meter band and does not have the 10 meter and CB bands
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Nov 19, 2021
It is a serious piece of kit a Professional radio receiver new $1000 they appear to go for around $500/600 30 watt speaker mono. The Grundig G range was made for some time I had the G250 and that was heavy too but only a SW FM/AM/LW and a upgrade of the famous Yacht Boy and Music Boy Sony made a similar type of radio , that too was very expensive . I sold my Grundig G250 for about $80 (UK £70) . In some way i wished i kept it , but the previous owner smoked . Soviet Union made a similar large SW/FM/AM radio made entirely in wood these are very sort after now . think it had 10 SW bands .



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