grainy picture using sony 40 inch lcd


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi there everyone i'm new to the web site and was hoping for a bit of advise with my

sony bravia 42 inch lcd tv

i have a blueray player connected to my sony along with a toshiba hd dvd player

the blueray is connected via hdmi and the hd dvd player conected via component connections

i find the picture quailty through my hd dvd and blueray very grainy.

i also have sky hd and just finished watching the italian job and there was no hint of graininess.

any idea of what could be wrong with my set up


maybe try checking your Blu Ray and HD DVD settings to ensure that they are outputting 1080P

Andy Clough

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Apr 27, 2004
Chances are your Toshiba won't output 1080p signals through the component socket, so you'll need to hook up both the Blu-ray and HD DVD players via HDMI. If your TV only has one HDMI input, then you'll need an HDMI splitter box which will accept multiple HDMI inputs and then feed a single HDMI connection to the TV. QED, among others, make them.


thanks for all your replys.

sorry i should have mentioned my bravia cannot handle 1080p only 1080i

my toshiba can play hddvd movies in 1080i through component but cannot upscale unless connected

through hdmi however my blueray upscales anyway and that is connected through hdmi

both players have been set up with my tv's setting in mind but still i get over grainyness on most movies i have

blueray full metal jacket and 300 and the fugitive plus i have a less complex blueray

which is david gilmour at the alberthall during dark moments you can really see the grainyness but in the brighter moments where lights are strong the colors are so smooth and clear

i don't understand it and i'm not sure what more i can do i ve changed every setting on my tv and yet it doesn't change.


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Nov 29, 2007
Well 300 is known to be very grainy (directors request). as is full metal jacket. and some of the shots in the fugitive are also grainy..... try different films.

Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
Sounds like digital noise in darker scenes to me (common issue on some flatscreens) - there aren't any dark scenes in the Italian Job (which was also superbly remastered for Sky HD, IMHO), so you're unlikely to notice it there.

All the films you mention are grainy and have many dark scenes, and you mention the grain appears in the darker parts of the Dave Gilmour disc.

Just my opinion, of course, not having seen any of your settings or kit!


no no thanks for all your opinions it's good to hear what more technical people can tell me

as genrally i'm a bit of a novice at this.

could you all recomend a good blue ray or hddvd to buy that would push my tv


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