Got the TV sorted, but what about the DVD player


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm off to purchase a brand spanking new Panasonic TV tomorrow. the much hyped TX32-LXD700, which I've found at just over £700 at a store near me (with 5yr warranty as well)!!!

Here's the question: I'm thinking about buying a 'stop gap' dvd player until the BlueRay/ HD DVD situation settles down a little, but I want to make the best out of my new TV with it's HD capabilities. FYI - I have a VCR which can handle recording.

What are people's thoughts on:

1. Buying a non Panasonic DVD player - are there disadvantages to this?

2. My nectar points reveal that I could go for the Sony RDR-HXD870, and only have to put in £100 cash. Is this any good?

3. What would represent a stop gap purchase that wouldn't be too expensive but would still allow me to get the best out of the TV?

Thanks in advance for feedback. Great forum by the way - I'm impressed by the level of mutual support here... perhaps I'm tempting fate for no responses :)

Best wishes,


Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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If you're really not concerned about recording and (reading between the lines) you want to buy at Argos, the Sony DVP-NS78 looks like a solid buy. Otherwise, yes, the Sony recorder is a very good machine indeed.


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