Got a good deal and loved the Picture on this Sony TV


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Aug 10, 2019
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GOODBYE to my trusty old 28" Sony CRT finally gave up the ghost today...........BANG! i think i have done the right thing!! just placed my order for the Sony KDL-40V3000 got it for a grand total £677.90 they wanted £1049 in the Oxford Sony Centre!!!

i misjudged this TV while viewing it at Currys and Comet last week, was umming and arrrring all weekend about the "need for 1080p" so thought sod it! popped in to the Sony Centre today and saw one on display, made the bloke show me how it all works and the picture was lovely i will NEVER go to the above mentioned shops again!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

i really would have loved the Panasonic 42" Plasma BUT i dont have that much dosh and it didnt have 1080p!

when i get it on Friday, whats the first thing i should do, apart from taking it out the box? ha ha ha any settings i need to change?

i dont have a games console and wont be buying one anyway i only watch DVD`s of Rock Music Concerts, a few action movies now and again and use my SKY+ box i may want to plug my Home PC into it, is this possible? will also be purchasing a Blu-Ray player in the very near future

Sound on the Sony isnt a factor as i recently bought this and im well pleased with it

what is the best way to set all my stuff up for optimum picture quality? what cables should i go out and buy?

i have the following Equipment to be plugged in to it:

the above has "upscaling" on it and has a HDMI socket on the back

the above only has scart and composite on the back Thomson SKY+ box (Not HD) phoned SKY today and they wanted over £300 for me to take out HD !!! NO CHANCE UNTIL HELL FREEZES OVER!

i also have a JVC Super VHS Player, was top of the range 4 years ago, cost me a fortune! only used a handful of times but still great for my old VHS tapes when i have connected all my stuff, will it automatically come up on the screen when i press play on each device such as DVD player on the HDMI socket, VHS Player on scart socket, SKY+ on scart socket etc etc

also,how do you connect a home PC to the TV? what cable do i need exactly? i have about 40 movies on the PC, most of them are DIV-X - i know its not the best quality media, but will it look ok on the new TV? and, i was going to connect my SONY DVD Player using the HDMI socket, and then connect SKY+ Box using scart, then the remaining scart socket i will connect my other DVD player to, or should i connect it via composite instead? what gives the BEST quality? i also have the super VHS recorder to connect whats the best setup?

Cheers Chaps


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