General tweaking advice AND Can you send a signal to 2 amps using a RCA Phono splitter and is there any loss of quality ?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello Everyone, I am new to this site , and thankyou in advance for your help.

I have an issue.

I have 2 setups in my living room( 10m *6m) , Audio and Video

Now the Audio setup is , 2 decks,mixer, cd,ipod, tuner and tape , alll going through a cambridge audio 640A amp ( 65w *4 channels) , connected to a pair of Mordaunt short bookshelf 902i's( which takes up 2 speaker outputs from amp and are in very clear although bass is lacking in the room) ,a JBL active sub ( which takes up 1 speaker output from amp and bass is good)and 1 floortstanding Gale 3030 ( which takes up 1 speaker output which is on its way out , and sounds absolutely pants)

Now my problem is that as it is such a large room, the amp always cuts out when it reaches a ceretain volume, to counter this we just have to turn it lower, but it just has not go that much oomph SO

To tweak this i was going to take the following steps:

Point 1. right now i am running 2.5 speakers and a sub ( i count the gale as .5 speaker coz its rubbish), i want to buy another set of bookshelf speakers ( possibly MS 902i's as i love the sound, but possibly also dali lektor 2 , as they are bigger , more pwerful and am hoping they will deliver more bass), and one of these is going to run THROUGH the sub ( as i understand it , the active sub does not need the power from the amp only the signal , so if i run the speaker through the sub ( on the out of the sub), then the sub draws teh signal from the amp using its own power and the speaker will then be able to take the 65w power and signal from the CA amp , allowing me to have 4 speakers and a sub running , which is better that 2.5 speakers and a sub.

Question1: have i got the right idea with respect to tweaking my system? does it sound right?

Also My video set-up is a tv,SKY +, projector, wii, xbox,kareoke machine,VHS, DVD and DVD hard drive, all connected through a cambridge audio 540R connected to a 5.1 speaker setup ( all JBL)

Question2:my problem is that even with tweaking it may not be enough for say parties - can i run a from say my cd player ,a RCA phono splitter that outputs 2 signals and send one to my AV Receiver?

(i.e Can you send a signal to 2 amps using a RCA Phono splitter and is there any loss of quality)

the idea is that instead of using 1 amp to power 2.5 peakers , i can not only improve that exercising Point1 to drive 4 decent speakers , but actually use 2 amps to drive 10 speakers ( 4 +5.1) - is it possible?

I would really apreciate any response our thoughtas i am newbie at these kind of things

p.s. any ideas on what bookshelf speakers i should get , ideally dont want to spend more than 250?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
The problem you are hitting is due to the fact that your speaker configuration is presenting too low an impedance to the amplifier, which is causing it to run out of steam and cut out.

Adding more speakers will simply exacerbate the problem.

The Cambridge amp isn't 65W x 4 channels, but 65Wx2, so for example all the speakers on the left channel connectors are running from the same amplifier channel, hence the problem.

The only real solution is to buy a more powerful amplifier, probably with bigger speakers, to get the sound you want. Hi-fi amps really aren't meant to run at 'club' levels, and clubs use huge amounts of amplifier power, and massive speakers, to get the effect they achieve.

Yes, you could split the output from the CD player, or the mixer, to both the stereo amp and the 5.1 system, but

a) you're unlikely to get much level, and
b) the sound is likely to be an unholy mess.


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