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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi guys. When i came to buy a television a couple of years ago i got some wicked advice from this website and purchased a brilliant tele for really cheap.

So, i've decided to have another go...........

My dad is just about to purchase a new television. The last tele he brought was about 10 years ago and was a 32 inch loewe, which he spent something ridiculous like £4000 on. To be fair though the sound is epic on it and that is the main focus for the new televsion. However he would prefer a televsion that doesn't involve extra surround sound speakers. So basically a televsion with the best possible sound in-built. Obviously the picture needs to be very good also. I have a 37inch LED LCD panasonic and the picture on that in HD is breathtaking so something similar picture wise would be ample.

So basically the following criteria:

-Television with the best possible in-bulit sound

-Also the best possible picture to work in conjunction with the sound

-Needs to be full HD tele to be used with sky plus and a size of 37 - 42 inch

-Price is not really an issue providing the televsion is good value and meets all the above criteria.

Thanks alot and I hope you can offer me some good advice again.

John Duncan

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Personally I think most flat-screen TVs sound a bit rubbish, so I'd be inclined to get one of these

and slap one of these on the back of it:

Won't get better unless you go for separate amp and speakers...


ok thanks for that. so basically go for a television with all the features/functions etc needed with good picture quality and wap one of those on the back. Is that the best type of extra sound you can get??

John Duncan

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Exactly right, yes.

It's not the absolute best no, you could buy a stereo amp and speakers or an active pair but they're harder to integrate and 'hide', and for the price I found the Q deeply impressive at what it does. Might be hard to find for a demo though.