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Aug 10, 2019
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I seem to remember reading your review on the latest Onkyo surround sound receivers, in this you claim the TX-SR605 is right up there with its specs. So my question is why does it not have a DAB tuner? is there a technical reason for this. It is surely not cost, is it? Anyway just a thought to get things going! IMHO there is no such thing as future proof as now everything has got a chip in it the manufacturers can change the spec every 6-12 months, rather like computers. And consequently we will always be left feeling we haven't got the best we could of had.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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These products tend to be made as world models, and not so many markets use DAB. You'll find very few receivers from any companies have onboard DAB tuning.

But you're right - everything actually has lots of chips in it. The sensible manufacturers design products able to be updated with firmware upgrades, as in the likes of the PS3 or the old TAG McLaren processors, but adding on features such as DAB is more a hardware issue than a firmware/software one.

But there are ways around it - see the new NAD Viso Five in news for one way of tackling the problem of different digital radio systems in different territories,


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