Future Proof AV Receiver - 2 HDMI Outs?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am looking to purchase a surround sound amp/receiver for my system. My budget is approx £800 to £1000. My thorny problem is that a can't find a really "future proof" receiver.

I have a Panasonic AE900 Projector and will probably very soon have a new HDMI enabled TV (the old Sony Trinitron is about to die!). How can I hook both of these up to HDMI video signals? I have to run a cable for the projector through, around and under walls, floors and ceilings. I only want to run the one cable and HDMI would be the best option. I also want to feed HD to the TV!

I can't find any amps/receivers in my price range that provide 2 HDMI Outs, including the new Sony 5200, which provides everything else (including upscaling) that I could possibly need. Am I unusal, or do others have the same problem.

Based on my last amplifier / TV purchase I will have to live with my choice for the next 15 years! Any ideas please?


Thanks for the reply. It seems slightly odd that I buy a £1000 pound AV receiver and then have to get a £45 extra box to split the signal.

Will such a low cost unit maintain the signal quality?

This is a work-around. I want the perfect solution first, work-around second.

If anyone else has recommendations for the perfect solution please let me know.