Full HD quandry


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Mar 7, 2008
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Hello again

I'm in the market for a 50inch plasma/lcd which I want to be full HD. My question is wether my current AV equipment will get the best from Full HD or which if any I will need to upgrade. I currently have:

Sky HD

Av reciever Denon 3805

DVD player Denon 3910

Speakers: Mission M34i floorstanders - left & right front

Mission M3c2i - centre

Mission M3ds x 4 - side left & right and raer left & right.

Mission subwoofer (can't remember the code)

Original screen was the excellent Pioneer PDP 435XDE (went in the divorce!)

I'm looking to buy either the Pioneer PDP LX508D or the Pioneer 5000ex (I think that's the right code)

I believe the 5000ex is a display only with no tuner or speakers. Will it be easy to connect the Sky HD and DVD player to this panel?

The Samsung 50inch tv's seem cheap in comparison to the Pioneers, is there a discernable difference in picture quality?

Can you recommend a good Blue-ray player to add to my system as I plan to start buying movies in HD only now the "format war" is over.

Also I would not mind buying a good HD-DVD player to take advantage od the dropping prices of discs in this format.

I have no problem with multiple devices in my living room but would prefer to stick to the two manufacturers Denon or Pioneer.

Many thanks



Well as no one else has replied as yet i thought i would.

I have the samsung 50inch plasma, not a full HD screen but i understand there are versios out there now which are, and the picture quality, for the price is amazing. The operative part of that sentence is though of course 'for the price', and form what i read and what i've seen the Pioneers are really at the top of the tree in this department and size.

I also have an ep10 HD DVD player hooked up and the picture quality is awesome, given that you can get the amazing ep35 for knockdown prices i'd suggest its worth a look for the picture quality, if you take ito account the fact that HDDVD in itself may be on its way out of course.

Hope that helps at least part of your query mate, i'm not not clued up enough on the other factors though


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Jun 28, 2007
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I have a very simular setup and equipment to you (list below) and I went for the Samsung PS50-P96FDX Full HD and yes it may not be quite as good as the Pioneer but it does a fantastic job for the money with either DVD via my Denon 3930 or Blu-Ray via my PS3.


Hi, Have read your postings and if you can help would appreciate your views.

Denon DVD3930

Arcam DiVA DV137

Denon AVR

Arcam AVR350 (only has 2 HDMI outs)

Planar PD470

Or Plasma?

Looking at the comments the Denon features highly and no one has mentioned Arcam? Friend has them but several years old but perform well