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Aug 10, 2019
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Need some help on what the "Full HD 24fps" function is. I am looking at buying a 37inch LCD to replace a Philips 32inch LCD which has recently been written off by my insurers. I have been looking at various manufacturer web sites and TV/Video magazines and to be honest am a little confused. A 37inch screen is about the limit for my living room and where I sit, I want a 1080p set to put in my lounge then I can use my current HD ready set in another room. I have also been reading about this 24fps function that allows Blue-Ray to output its video in the same frequency as it was shot in. But.............

For example, the Toshiba Regza range has two 24fps modes, I think thats what theyre called. "24fps Compatable" and "24fps 5:5 Pull Down" I was just struggling with 24fps but what is the difference between 24fps Compatable" and "24fps 5:5 Pull Down", would I see any difference when viewing a Blue-Ray movie?

Anyway the sets I'm looking at are the Toshiba Regza 37Z3030D, Panasonic TX37LZD70 and the Toshiba Regza 37X3030D. I have just read the review on the Panasonic in this months "What Hi-Fi" magazine and it seems like a safe bet, but I have seen the picture on the Regza 37X3030D and I was quite impressed with that also. My choice really boils down to this 24fps mode I suppose. Any views?



Id go for the Panasonic, it won the recent 37-40" supertest and to be honest, id steer clear of toshiba... But im pretty sure the Pansonic will handle your 24fps signal better than the Toshiba.


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