Front speakers for 5.1 dilemma



Now this could get a bit complicated, for me anyway.

I currently have 4 parts (rears/sub/centre) of the Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 package, plus a pair of Mordaunt Short MS20i Pearls at the front.

Why? Well when I bought them the whole system was out of stock everywhere, so I bought them seperately, with a view to add maybe the 1020s or something bigger at the front, only then to decide to keep the MS20i Pearls.

Amp wise, I'm using the Sony STR-DA2400es, and use all for music and home cinema.

I'm thinking about replacing the Pearls with either a pair of Dali Zensor 1s, or Q Acoustics 2020is. So my questions are:

1. Will they/Which one would be better than the Pearls for music?

2. Will they/Which one would be better than the Pearls for the home cinema?

3. If I went for either of them at the front, would the Pearls be better as rears than the 1010is?

Any help would be gratefully received, because as always, I can't decide anything



I'm now considering Dali Zensors for the front, with a Dali Vokal for the centre, then (probably) moving the Pearls to the rear and keep the same Q Acoustics sub.

I may add a pair of Dalis to the rear at a later date if I like the sound of them.




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