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Aug 10, 2019
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System: Sony KDL40W2000 LCD, PS3 3, Denon 1906 amp, Virgin V+ box, Mordurant short 902s, 905 (f/centre), 903 (rear) 309 sub 304 (r/centre).

problem: front speakers units too big and deep would like a smaller unit prefable in black.

Though the system I have built up over the last two years I'm very pleased with I find the front speaker stand away from the TV too far and look very big and not in touch with decor. All are wall mounted in order to keep away from our young son's reach. Is there a suitable alternative which will offer the same performance but is a little more descret. I use my system to listen to both music and home entertainment and the speaker are all bi wired with QED anniversary. I could really do with some assistance here.

Many thanks



you could look at monitor audio r90 nice and compact not sure if there is a wood finish though


Many thanks, However not too keen on the Monitors however I have put them on the my 'possibles' list .

Not to be a pain I've update my request a liitle. I have had a little look around and decided on a black gloss finish to match the tv would be best or dark wood as the centre speker though in maple will be encase within an open front AV cabinet.

I have been eyeing up the Tangent EVO in richer Sounds in black. Are these any good? They are very small, can be flush mounted against the wall and great looking. However not sure if they will fill the room like my bi wired 902's.

If it helps I have a budget of £250 to £300 (at a push). The B&W and KEF home entertainment speaker look good but seem to only come as a set.

Any further ideas???

Would be greatful,




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