From Yamaha RX-A2010 to Denon 4311... is it worth it??


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Aug 18, 2012

Hi everyone, I'm here in a bit of a dilemma as we speak and have been suffering from upgraditis for quite a while

now. If I go ahead with this it will be my 4th AV Receiver in the past 3-4 months which is a bit silly but if it's really worth it why not? Basically I owned a Denon 1911 for 18 months and I used to love that receiver especially with music. I don't think any of the receivers I had after that were any better with music tbh. Very fluid and balaced sound in Direct mode with fantastic tight bass. The speakers I had at the start were the Monitor Audio BX5 package but a few weeks before selling the Denon I bought a pair of Focal 816WSE and matching centre plus the 806V for the surround duties and a SVS PC13 Ultra a bit later on. The sound I described was with the Focals powered by the 1911. The BX5 sounded great too, a bit bright at times but pretty good for the price.

Then I decided to purchase a better receiver and after hearing great things about the combination I decided for the Marantz SR7005. A mild disappointment tbh. With movies and games the sound was amazing, maybe a bit too laidback but not really a bad thing. It had that smooth yet very detailed sound which kinda suited movie watching as I never found myself jumping of the seat during those scenes with prominent high frequencies. It only lacked a bit of openness and excitement at low volumes but it was compensated by the astonishing detail and layered 3D like sound. Also the surround processing was fantastic with great dynamics and pin point effects and last but not least, the Marantz made my subwoofer sound amazing! It never sounded that good tbh! The big drawback was in fact the stereo sound which was quite a surprise as the Marantz is such a well regarded amp in that department. In surround mode the soundfield was small but cohesive which was just fine in my small-medium sized room but when playing music in stereo mode the laidback nature of the amp caused the music to sound dull. Overhanging sound with poor dispersion and colouration that really made me miss my 1911 badly. I remember testing the rears at the front with music and the sound was fantastic but the floorstanders sounded bad. Small speakers tend to have better clarity and sound more open due to smaller cabinets so I guess that was why.

Then I read the review here of the Yamaha RX-A1010 and I concluded that the more neutral sound of the Yamaha would suit my needs better and it definitely made a difference but because it was a lower level receiver it didn't have the power and control that the Marantz did and sound was nowhere near as clean and tight not to mention that the subwoofer didn't sound nowhere near as good.With movies it was hardly better than my old Denon. Then after realising the mistake I made I swapped it for a 2010 as I couldn't afford to get the 3010 so had to settle for that instead. I really like the 2010 and with music it suits my speakers way better than the Marantz did but with movies I miss the more detailed sound of the Marantz and the better sound processing which among other things it made my subwoofer sound better than it ever has. Someone on a review said that its a movie lover's dream amp and I totally second that. The Yamaha 2010 is great especially compared to the 1010 and although there's no real trace of edginess/brightness it can sound a little fatiguing at high volumes and it can make me jump of the seat sometimes.

Sorry for rumbling on for so long but the all thing boils down to this. I could get a Denon 4311 at an extra cost of no more that £300 on the top of what I could get for the Yamaha but I read some people's opinions and the review here and it gave me that impression that it might be a even warmer sounding receiver than the Marantz with even bigger emphasis to the lower frequencies and I'm worried it might end up being another costly mistake. Could anyone who have heard the Denon 4311 tell me how does it sound in comparison to the Yamaha 2010 and the SR7005 from Marantz and would it be a big and worthy improvement over what I have atm?

Thanks in advance for your help

michael hoy

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Oct 6, 2008
Have you considered a Pioneer, I have had a Yamaha, Denon 1909, Pioneer LX72 and now a Pioneer LX85.

THe yamaha was used with some Definitive Technology speakers and the I changed to the Denon. By chance I ended up with a demo of the Def Tech's with the LX72 and decided that was the way to go for me. I then changed to the MA Apex speakers and upgraded to the LX85.

It would take alot to make me change back to any of the others, try and have a demo of a Pioneer (but make sure it has been set up correctly.
I would advise you to demo your receivers before purchasing. Don't just blindly trust reviews & our opinions. Make sure that you're happy with the sound as well, to avoid being disappointed again.


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Mar 15, 2011
bigboss said:
I would advise you to demo your receivers before purchasing. Don't just blindly trust reviews & our opinions. Make sure that you're happy with the sound as well, to avoid being disappointed again.


Preferably home-demos, if at all possible!


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