From voice to vinyl: how records get their groove


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Mar 23, 2021
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i have to comment ,that is not correctelly exposed, i think there are many diferencies between late 40´s records and late 60´s records or even earlier, having in common being a circle in black all other technical specifications are far from being similar, maybe with this new wave of bad and expensive turntables and cartridges, i think not even with what i refer, as i have records bought in the U.S. by my great grandfather and it needs a diferent turntable with diferent type of stylus that being not perfect when using old but a very good tube amplifier with big but less powerfull speakers it improved it´s bad sound, i still have them, i think it says in the label His master voice with that logo of a dog looking to the sound output of a Victrola, do you remenber some old dynaco and HHScott tube amplifiers and while already similar to todays conections in the back of the amplifier ,one when reading the manual all is not what we expected, as one needs to read the manual very well and understand what is written there, to all work with perfection.

As also there are phisical diferencies from early cds to 90´s cheaper cds, in sound quality some do sound good but not as it was recorded in studio ,like levels and the way diferent tracks are recorded in studio while to a vinyl record as people who didn´t knew how to play them ,they got bad with horrible noises and to those uninformed people the cd was for sure a improvement but after the change of materials used in the making of a cd ,they also would be skiping after one listening or maybe after a week, later impossible to be played so only destroyd the fact of having a phisical format that was read and the covers looking like works of art that were explored by the owners as their interest in music and a form of art like the lyrics were read, after with the cd all was bad ,i when in 1993 started to buy more cds as before one could buy two lp´s with the price of one cd ,i only had 7 cds of my own since they appear ,allthough my father had bought already some 300 cds since mid 80´s to early 90´s ,mainly jazz and new released records of bands he liked, than he complained that his older system was much better than a radio cd player he bought from philips with very good sound but not as good as the B series complete system from Revox with extra speakers from studer, the professional line from Revox, only at the time i told him to buy a cd player and a new cassette deck, the B215 to match is system from B series and the components were made with the same original design of 70´s revox B series.

In advance i would like to be sorry if i missunderstood what was the subject of coment,