Freeview that records 2 channels at the same time


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Feb 1, 2013
I've come here as I'm not so clued up when it comes to freeview tv and whats the best and package and boxes to go for, although i have done some research i dont feel any better off to advise him to what get. The Humax DTR-2000 looks good but im still confused if it fits all his needs, as it has you view do you have to pay for this.

Basically my father is retiring in the next month or so and wants to get rid of his virgin tv package and get a freeview set top box. Reason being he wants to reduce his outgoing's, he also says his caravan freeview box gets more channels than his virgin box.

So we could do with some help on what to get. Critera??? It record's 2 tv channels at the same time, ideally something HD as his samsung has a 1080 screen. I presume he will connect it via the old skool terrstial cable, he has broadband so he can connect that to the set top box if needed. I also think a 500GB hard drive would suit him, but bigger cant hurt. It should also be user friendly as poss as technology is starting to frustarte him a little in certain area's and cost under £220. No freesat as he doesnt have a dish outside his house.

Chromecasts/fire/apple/now TV wont suit him as he will have to pay to watch from what i understand. So whats out there that fits his needs?


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Oct 29, 2008
I suggest he switches internet provider to BT and gets BT TV. They have a good introductory package on offer at the moment.


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Sep 10, 2009
Coffecup, does your father have a Freeview HD aerial or not? If yes, then a Humax Freeview HD recorder should be able to record two channels at once. Mine does.


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Dec 12, 2009
I don't think a freeview HD aerial is required is it? I haven't had mine updated since the platform was launched as I have FreeSat but I can get Freeview HD through my TV no problems.

Coffecup, as long as you get a Freeview HD recorder with twin tuners you should be able to record two channels at once. I'm assuming that the signal can be split from the one internal cable by a splitter to get you two cables, one for each tuner. It's a different process for FreeSat. Note, you will need to watch the thurd channel through the TV, you can't watch 1 and record 2 (3 tuners required).

Something like the HUMAX HDR-2000T should fit your criteria, but speak to the local shop assistant for clarification. Its the same price at Richersounds/Currys as Amazon so I'd buy from a shop and double check with someone.


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Nov 17, 2010
The necessity for a digital TV antenna is a marketing ploy.

PVRs usually split the antenna internally without needing an external splitter.


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