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Jan 4, 2011
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I have a Panasonic TX-L32DT30 which I'm generally very pleased with.

HD has just been switched on in my area, so I retuned and picked up all the new HD channels.

However, flicking between BBC1 and BBC1 HD gives not really massive difference in my eyes (or indeed, my wifes). I'm guessing that my TV is upscaling the SD signal so the difference is much less - a better test would be to turn off upscaling (something I'd not considered by typing this - I'll try it tonight when I get in). Anyone else rather underwhelmed by HD?



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Aug 26, 2010
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No everything by the BBC is recorded in HD so BBC1 HD is just upscaled most of the time, there is a much bigger difference when you actually wach a true HD broadcast. BBC HD is always true HD i believe, though still a preview most of the day.

It will take a while for everything to come through in true HD.


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Dec 28, 2007
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Your TV will be upscaling the SD BBC1 channel, but, unless the TV programme is actually filmed in HD, the BBC One HD channel is being upscaled by the broadcaster, so your TV isn't doing anything with this. The trick is to find a programme which is actually native HD and the best channel to use for this is the BBC HD channel as this only shows true HD broadcasts.

If you're comparing with Blu-ray, you may be underwhelmed, but in my eyes, true HD broacasts are far better quality than their SD equivalent, especially with ITV (just check out the next football match broadcast in HD to see how much better that is!). However, I also have a 50" screen, so this will help - how far away you sit from your 32" will also determine how much of a difference your eyes can discern.

EDIT - beaten to it by a phone call!

2nd EDIT - BTW, if you're picking up everything through your TV's internal tuner, you can't turn off the upscaling - this has to be done by the TV so the picture fills the screen, so there's no option to turn this off. If you're using an external box to get channels, then it may be this is upscaling. In which case, you can turn it off here, and then your TV will be upscale the picture instead.


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