Freeview difference Panasonic TH-42PZ70 or TH-42PX70


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Aug 10, 2019
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I’m sorry, I know there are so many threads asking a similar questions about these TV’s. I’m considering the Panasonic 42PZ70 and have read how it is better than the cheaper 42PX70 although some online reports have said that the difference is not significant. As we don’t have sky and will only be viewing/recording freeview and watching the odd DVD, will the PZ be wasted on us? I realise the best thing to do is visit one of the Panasonic centres to discuss and compare, just wanted to check with you guys?


Probably, as the only difference between the 42PX70 and the 42PZ70 is that the slightly more expensive 42PZ70 has a full HD resolution (1080p). If you are only going to watch standard-def material, and certainly nothing with a 1080p resolution, then there is no need to have a 1080p tv such as the 42PZ70. However, you may not plan on watching anything other than Freeview and upscaled DVDs at the moment, but how long will you have the tv? Ten years maybe? What will you want to watch in say, five years time? You might want to buy a full HD Blu-ray player, or want to watch 1080p films that you have downloaded from the internet.

Even if you will not be watching full HD for the time being, it is still a good idea to be completely future proofed.


OK thanks, so the PZ70 is worth the extra £200-£300 for the future. I assume there's no disadvantage with it when watching current freeview or DVD's?


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Oct 4, 2007
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Read the following information on another section of this site:

Both of these TV's are technically up to date as the current selection allow but I would not say 'completely futureproof'. HD Freeview may or may not come soon and the receiver within the TV will then be 'old technology'. Both TV's will display a 1080p image (one of them by processing) so it's down to the personal preference of the original poster. As has already been intimated, he/she will get along to their local dealer and check for themself. My personal choice was the PX as I didn't like the style of the PZ. It looks too wide for my liking and I didn't think the difference in picture was worth the extra outlay for the PZ.

Others may have chosen the PZ cos it can natively display a 1080p picture.

I don't regret buying the 'lower spec'd' PX but some may feel that the need to buy the highest spec their budget allows.

Benjamin has given you a good reason to look ahead and buy the 1080 full HD TV. If you don't plan on upgrading to blu-ray or hddvd within the next 5 years or so, the PX will still have been a good purchase.

Buy either with confidence.




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