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May 1, 2012
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Hi all,

The harddisk in my new car doesn't swallow anything less compressed than MP3 320 kbps (which soundwise probably is not much of a problem in a car). Anyway, I'd have to rip my music to this format to play it in the car. So I'm looking for a good WAV to MP3 converter. Any ideas?

Thanks for any suggestion :pray: .


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Mar 3, 2010
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Making the assumption that you're on a PC and not a Mac because the two work a little differently...

You'll only need to do all this once:

Open iTunes and pick Edit > Preferences...

In the General tab, click the Import Settings button.

Change 'Import Using' to 'MP3 Encoder'

Underneath in the Settings box, pick Custom.

In the next window, pick '320 kbps' in the Stereo Bit Rate box and change Stereo Mode to normal.

Click OK (twice) to close the various setting boxes.

Click OK to close the Preferences.

Here's how to convert them if you're not sure:

Click File > Add File to Library

Navigate to where your WAVs are, highlight the ones you want to convert and click Open.

Click 'Music' (the musical note) in the left hand column. All your WAVs should show up.

Highlight them all, right-click and pick 'Create MP3 version'.

After a while MP3s of all the selected WAVs should appear in your iTunes library


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