Forget the Plus and Ultra, I want a music-focused Galaxy S23 – here's why


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Dec 7, 2015
It always amazes me when people upgrade their phones to buy uber expensive new ones when all that has changed in many years is the camera tech......and most people should really be happy with a basic snapper on their phones, mainly because they mostly take snaps like folk used to do with Kodak Ektra's with 110 film
Oct 17, 2022
If you think that all that has changed in the last few years on phones is the camera tech then you should see how well you get on trying to use a modern operating system with the latest apps that are available on an iPhone 7 and see how far you get.

Phones are basically laptop computers in miniaturised form. The more complex programs that become available the faster the hardware needs to be.

Here's a just a few examples of what has actually changed.

Batteries - far more efficient and can last as long as older phones while powering much higher spec graphics cards and CPU's.

Screens - much brighter and higher resolution

Graphics - you can run much more complex 3D applications now

CPU - the apps of today are capable of doing much more than in the past and run significantly faster

Cameras - you have noticed this one because it's something obvious, but without the other upgrades a better quality camera would be laggy and slow and take a long time to process and save the picture once you press the button to take a picture

Wifi - the phones of today have much better WIFI capabilities

Bluetooth - modern phones support the latest Bluetooth which is faster, works over longer distance and has less dropouts

Data - phones now support 5G data instead of 4G


Jan 18, 2023
I never understand why phone tech reviewers don't mention audio quality more. I know users of smart phones spend more time streaming music then taking photos with their phone. And I will bet you photo-consumers are not really caring as much about upgrades to selfie quality.

So why isn't audio quality dwelled on more by reviewers?


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