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Well done England. First win in Italy since 1961, and Harry Kane breaks record.

Is Southgate underrated as a England manager? World Cup semi final and quarter final and Euro final. Now he's become only the 3rd England manager to win 50 games for his country. I think so. It'll only be realised once he retires
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Burglars have been targeting footballer's homes.

Ryan Giggs lost 2 Champions League Winners medals, 13 Premier League winners medals, 4 FA Cup winners medals and 4 League Cup winners medals while Harry Kane lost a toaster and kettle.

Johnn Peter

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Jun 5, 2023
I woke up to "Zlatan retires from Football" which broke my heart. Even though hes 41 Years of age which is a very huge deal for a player to be playing for one of the most reputed club in Football, AC Milan, some part of me still wanted him to keep playing atleast in a lesser competitive league. Probably even join the Saudi League. Would have been fun to see him compete against Ronaldo!


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