Floorstanders or standmount


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Aug 20, 2007
I am about to buy the Rotel RA-05 and Marantz cd6002 combination and many thanks to those on here and at what hifi magazine for all their help. I have listened to speakers and surprisingly i prefer the sound of the kef iq5se's to the B&W 685's. This is in the demo room and not at home, a home demo is not possible. The demo room is smaller than my lounge which is 5m by 3m and the speakers will be close to walls and only around 1.5 metres away from each other. As well as this, one speaker could be 1/2 a metre closer to me than the other. Someone said on another thread that this was way too small a room for floorstanders and standmounts are the way to go. As the kefs are easy going about positioning and not bass heavy, what are your opinions about this system in my lounge. Please let me know asap as the system will be bought this week, possibly tomorrow. I have a set of the original kef iq5's. Would it be better to listen to it through these first and get the se's at a later date?


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Nov 23, 2007
Try your new electronics with your existing iq5s for a while first. If I were you I'd do that for at least a good week of solid listening before making a decision on your new speakers. Try the full range of your musical tastes and, most importantly, see how much the sound pulls you into the music. You have a great opportunity here, so make use of it.


I have a feel you are leaning towards iQ5s more because of their being less placement fussy than their sound. Without confusing you, I'd say go for the B&Ws. Much better speakers in the long run. Believe me, 685's will do absolutely fine 1.5 meters apart from each other.