first time venture into home entertainment experience!


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Aug 10, 2019
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I used to be the owner of a Philips 32PW9527C, but this died (aka the tube went) in August... so I had to look around for a replacement tv.

I ended up getting a 42" PX70 which provides a lovely picture for the money

This month as a christmas treat to myself I bought an Onkyo 605 and also the Jamo HCS5 5.1 Home Theater System.

The amplifer has so many things for me to learn, but my PS3 sounds great especially COD4 and Uncharted. My films now sound awesome (imo) As I have MI3, Spider-Man Trilogy and Blade Runner (5disc one which is region free!!!
) all on Blu Ray


As aidey has written i too have just got myself a proper home cinema set up. I spent months lookin at a vaiety of 32 inch flatscreens until i saw the Sony bravia KDL 32D3000 and watching sky hd movie i was so impressed i bought it. But then i was the home cinema.... After lookin at about a dozen different all in one dvd/home cinema i was informed that an av reciever and speaker package would be a better bet and i didnt want a set up that was out of date 2 years later. I read and looked and after watching/listening to Harry potters latest film on an Onkyo tx-sr 605 with the in dolby true hd... need i say any more The onkyo sealed it. Now it was the speakers. After trying a couple of cheaper ones i fell for the Mordaunt short Alumini package which i was able to buy gradually but after buying some MS Avant 906i's for the front and a 905i center i found the center so good i kept it and used the alumini's with the 905i center which i have bi wired with silver coated speaker cable. With my Sky HD, PS3 and upscaling DVD player all connected to the HDMI switching amp its really is like a cinema. Blu rays are outstanding as well as games especially Uncharted..
The only trouble no is the neighbours. All the best