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Aug 10, 2019
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My first system which I have nearnly completed comprises of JVC AX-400 amplifier which is 70watts/channel. An Arcam Diva CD73. Wharfedale Evo2 30s. Old 70s Rotel Tuner. Year 2000 Sony 28" 100HZ flatscreen 16:9 TV. A Pioneer DV-444 and a JVC MX-J850R which the TV is hooked up to.

Amp cost me £40 (2 weeks ago)

CD player cost me £450 (at the weekend)

Speakers cost me £350 (last week)

Rotel Tuner £10

TV £1300 (7 years ago)

DVD player £200 (6 years ago)

Jvc Mini Hi-Fi Surround £280 (6 years ago)

I really love the new hi-fi set-up, much better than my old JVC mini hifi! I think I may upgrade the amp next year, perhaps a Pioneer A400 or an old Marantz Reciever. Who knows!


Ok - the latest additions include the Project Debut III turntable, the JVC A-X5 Super-A amplifier which is, again, 70 wpc. TV upgrade to LG 37LF66 plus Panasonic Blue-Ray DVD player. Ipod 80GB Video. My next upgrade will undoubtly be new headphones, followed by a new rack because my current one is just an argos one! ha ha ha.


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