First Time Caller...Sony Bravia and XBox seek AV Receiver and Surrounds


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Aug 10, 2019
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After upgrading to my Sony Bravia KDL-40V3000 (1080p), I've been bitten and smitten. I feel to match my audio to my visuals. Initially, I was looking to the Sony DAV-DZ830W, but I've been steered away from the all in one solution due to my connections. All in all, I'm looking to connect my Sky HD, 360 Elite (1080p), and possibly my Denon 1920 DVD (1080i) - though this isn't essential as I can use my 360 for DVD's.

At the moment, I *think* I need a decent AV Receiver which can cope with my Optical and HDMI needs....oh and 5.1 speakers.

I've been looking at the Sony STRG710 to compliment the Bravia, as Sony suggests, but I don't know with any certainty if this is just a Sony selling point or if there's any real merit in it. But it does have the Digital Media Port for my that's a plus. Saying that, it's all dazzling me at the moment, so I need to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Other than that, I've seen a nice Cambridge Audio Azur 540R...or the Onkyo TXSR605, if my budget can handle it.

Then there's the speakers...I don't require huge speakers, my room is just an average second bedroom (shared with my girlfriend and two cats!) The KEF KHT1005's have been recommended to me, as well as the Tannoy FX5.1's. But I can't say I like the look of either of them.

So...that's it. I've got £500 to spend, though in true 'Place In The Sun' style, I could stretch the plastic if necessary to get the best I can. Again, given the size of the room, I don't need to blow the cats fur off.

Any help would be appreciated.




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There are some great prices around on the STRDA1200ES at the moment - I've seen it for as little as £250 - and its in an altogether higher league than the STRDG710 or even the 910 if truth be told. For good value, small speakers look out for Mordaunt-Short Premiere series. Excellent for the money.
If you wanted an integrated package, look at the Sony HT-SS1100 or HT-SF1100 amp and speaker packages (the same but the SF1100 has tallboy speakers). It features the same S-MASTER digital amplification as the DV830 but has all the external connectivity that is missing from the DAV series gear. They sound pretty good too although a seperate amp with specialist speakers will always beat it.


I've managed to round down my options on the speaker front for the Jamo A102HCS5's. I love the look of them and from what I've read they do the business.

As for the amp, well, I've had to have a re-think as I realise that I don't have enough room for a 'full-height' receiver. So now I'm on the look out for a slim av-receiver that's capable of hosting HDMI connections, preferably with sounds over HDMI (if only to cut down on cables more than anything!)

I'm not really sure if I'm able to get what I want and for the money which is about £500 or so, all in.