First time buyer need help putting up a hi-fi system


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Aug 10, 2019
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[*]CD Player + Amp + Speaker for my bedroom.[*]Mainly play high quality CDs but also need to hook up my PS3/Laptop/iPod
[*]Must **LOOK** GOOD.[*]£1000 budget

One of my friends recommand: Cambridge 640c v2 (£250) + Harman Kardon AVR 245 Amp(£400) + Pod Speakers The Drop - the ex-B&W legend (£450)

I'm currently satisfied with the CD player and love the speaker a lot (from the look and online reviews). Problem with AVR 245 is 1) the size and 2) looks like it has more holes than I need .. the lower version (140/145) doesn't give 50w+ output, which my friend told me isn't going to be enough for most good speakers.

Anyone that can take a look into my situation and leave a few quick words will be very much appreciated.

thanks and merry christmas.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Haven't heard the Drop Pod speakers, but from their specification
and the fact you're clearly buying two of them on that budget, you
don't need an AV receiver like the Harman/Kardon, and you don't need
more than 50W output to drive them. Tell your friend the 89dB/W/m
sensitivity of the Drop Pods means they'll be more than happy with a
less powerful amp - he/she may not agree, but will be impressed that
you know what you're talking about.

The number of inputs on an
amp isn't a problem - you're going to need one imput each for the CD
player, the PS3, the laptop and the iPod (although the last two could
share one input cable, only plugging in when required). And spare
inputs are worth having - you never know when you might want to hook up
something else.

I'd suggest you look at the Cambridge 340A or
540A v2 amplifiers, at about £150 and £250 respectively. They'll match
your CD player and should drive the speakers very nicely.

Just one more point - you're paying a lot for the design of those speakers,
and I suspect you'd get similar or even better performance from the
B&W 686 or 685 speakers for considerably less dosh.


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Aug 24, 2007
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The AVR amp is a surround amp, and you only need a normal 2 channel amp as you are only running one set of speakers. If I were you I would suggest you look at the following.


AVI Neutron IV


Ex demo Arcam Solo with Arcam rDock
or Linn Classik (can be bought new for £700 at the moment) plus a separate iPod dock.

This will probably go slightly over budget but it'll be worth it and will look and sound great.


I agree with that. For just two speakers you do not need an AVR.
Another point is: do not underrate a 35 wrms Harman Kardon. Take a closer look, you will realize the kind of power reserves it has. Harman Kardon rating is very modest. In many cases they will beat a 60 watts amp from another manufacturer.
My suggestion would be if you want a Harman Kardon and want it for stereo and don't plan for a multichannel upgrade, go for HK 3385 than AVR 245.


Thanks guys. Your advices have been very hellful. I'm doing some googling for your recommandations right now.


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