First surround sound foray turning sour.


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Aug 10, 2019
I recently bought a Sony STR-DG820 to accompany my shiny new Kef 1005.2 speakers. All was well however, the Sony seems to have developed an intermittent fault which appears to centre around the HDMI input/output or similar which seems to effect the receivers ability to output/pass through a signal from a source.

Repeatedly, the picture and sound will drop out some times just briefly but other times I simply have to turn it off and walk away.When the problem occurs, the receivers display will go blank which seems to suggest to me that it is to do with the input side of the receiver not detecting a source. I've switched the inputs etc and the problem continues and happens across all sources but most noticably when using the PS3.

Has anyone had any such problems with this receiver? Is it likely to be worth asking a Sony service centre to have a look or is it likely to be more cost effective to just ditch it and but a new one?

Any opinions would be welcomed.

Ta, Dan.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Yes, it could be a fault - can't you go back to wherever you bought it and ask for help?

Or it could be due to the dreaded HDMI CEC system - which is supposed to make products work together seamlessly, but does anything but that - causing the content-protection 'handshaking' to drop between the source and receiver.

This can be caused by incompatible control signals between TV, receiver and player - you don't say what TV you're using but I suspect it may not be a Sony, and that can cause problems with such command signals and handshaking.

I'd suggest turning off HDMI CEC, Bravia Sync or whatever it's called on the player, receiver and TV, and seeing whether that solves the problem. At the same time check that all the HDMI connections are secure, as intermittent contact caused by loose connections can also cause problems such as those you're experiencing.


Thanks for the reply.

I bought it used so unlikely to be of any benefit tbh.

The tv is a Samsung le40a656a.

I'll give your suggestion a go. I'm not sure that there is any synching setting turned on but i'll check anyway. I've tried switching HDMI cables between sources etc and that hasn't made a difference so not convinced it's a connection problem


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