Firmware update for Denon DVD 1940



Have the same problems as I read about them on this forum.

For example:

I rang denon and was told they are aware of the issue and said that
when tis happens set the TV type in the Denon to NTSC. Yes I know it a
PAL disk, I said this to them but they said for some reason when this
issue occurs, setting the Denon to NTSC instead of MULTI should sort it.

by you

I have contacted Denon Customer Support and they suggested the following setting alterations:

In the Setup menu of the player under custom and then
Video, Set Display Type to NTSC as apposed to Multi. Prog
Mode to Video 3 and change HDMI out from Y Cb Cr to RGB.

seems to sort the juddering, so I compared my original picture with the
PAL version of Revenge of the Sith and NTSC 1080P seems very blurred
compared PAL 720P. I then changed the DVD player picture setting to
HDMI advanced and set the picture controls to: Brightness +2, Gamma
Corr +3 and Sharpness +3.

This improved the picture marginally, but still not as good as PAL 720P.

Any further thoughts would be appreciated.

by smeg4brains

And so on ...

And for the end, for each dvd, I have to change the settings to play "nice".

Does these issuses concern the chip or software?

It is just not logical, I mean: they are aware of the issue and said that
when tis happens set the TV type...

It is not an expensive one, but it is not so inexpensive either, player, for what it is offering.

My system:

Philips LCD 37PF7641 (37")

Denon DVD 1940

Yamaha RXV-550



I am aware of the issue, but I thought it was only with the Denon 1940 and Samsung LCD TV's. I never knew it had this issue with philips too.

Has any of the staff got any idea's?

Oh regarding Denon firmware, there isn't any new updates for the 1940 yet but here is the link for when/if they do release an update


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