Fiio M11 Pro


Feb 28, 2020
As owner of this (2 months now) I'd like to comment on the article :

The box says MQA on the front, but it plays that only through the fiio app, giving a blue dot as indicator. The hardware does not seem to "unfold" (?) MQA. Since this is a useless system I stick to real hires such as Qobuz offers.
On the fiio forum there is a topic about mqa, but for now, it looks they refer to the license for their app. Maybe it will be tackeld but for now Chinese developers have to stay home because of corona.

The front does not look like gorilla glass, but some high quality plastic. Fiio's other gems like btr3 btr5 m5 they are packed in glass windows.

The sound is worth every penny. It is wise though to use the differential output, specifically when you want to use a 150 ohm headphone.
The FH7 IEMs sounds perfect with this.

The lack of google play framework makes it impossible to use certified apps like UAPP which is pity. But the fiio app works decent as well as the apps from Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz.

A tip; install Total Commander and their free wifi transfer plugin on your phone and on the M11pro. It works good for file transfer.

Another you may want to try is the RE-EQ and JS USB OTG. Last one if you want to transfer your music from an exfat ssd. This is the only exfat capable app that can be used, buy it using your phone and transfer /install the apk.

It is a solid decent player. I wish the Chinese developers good luck and a back to normal situation.

Another even better value for money is the BTR5. That one is a little secret when you use it as direct connected dac, and with the 2,5mm TRRS plug!


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