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Aug 10, 2019

Am looking at buying a Wi-Tube, but find no reviews online.

Does anyone have experience of this product and can comment on the quality?



I bought a Wi-tube and dock to replace a Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin connected to an Imac on my desktop. I was using Q Acoustics 2010 with it.

I wanted to reclaim some desktop space hence wanted to change to a Wi-Tube and small bookshelf speakers, and also wanted a bit more stereo separation.

The Wi-Tube looks really good and ticked all the boxes, except where sound quality was concerened. The sound quality just wasn't anywhere near the quality of its predecessor. I listen to all sorts of music and also watch movies on my Imac through the Wi-tube, but I couldn't get on with the sound.

It was the same story with the ipod dock. Also playing the ipad through wifi via the Wi-dock wasn't pleasant at all. I changed the speakers to a pair of Mordaunt short 902 but still could not acheive any improvement. Bass was still non-existent.

I really liked the look of the Wi-tube and tried it as a kitchen system but even for occasional background music it wasn't for me.

I have since returned the Wi-tube and exchanged it for a Marantz 6004 amplifier connected to the Imac , and am now using the Zeppelin in the kitchen, and I'm really pleased with the results.


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Sep 18, 2010
Thats what has kept me from replying to this thread. I don't think a wi-tube is the best way to go at this budget. Loads of proper hi-fi brands to go with-Denon, Marantz and Cambridge Audio for example. I listened to the i-tube and was left underwhelmed to say the least. If you are willing to try something else then let us know your budget, the kind of listening space you have and any additional requirements you might have such as looks or preference for bass/treble/mid.



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May 20, 2013
I read the two responses to this query with flat-out astonishment.

Either the two respondents heard defective amps or, with respect, they need their ears syringed. Or, just maybe, they are so seduced by modern clinical digital equipment that they simply fail to appreciate what a delight a valve-tempered sound can be (but that would not explain why Shafin has a Cayin valve amp).

Anyway, my opinion is that the Wi-Tube is excellent and, at the price for which it is now selling, something of a bargain. It has plenty of slam and extended bass and an open, atmospheric and airy soundstage: a real treat compared to the much more (on paper) powerful transistor amp it replaced. I use mine through Dynaudio Audience 52s, which are 4ohm rated and reputedly a difficult speaker to drive – even though the Wi-Tube is only 28 watts max it’s no problem to go loud in a large Victorian flat living room with 4 m ceilings. The stock Chinese valves need a substantial time to burn in (probably weeks), but I have already sent off for some NOS 1970s Russian valves (about £2 each) which I hope will be even better when burnt in.

I hope that offers some balance to the other opinions, which I feel is required.


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