Fatman itube Carbon Edition II speakers

Jan 13, 2016
I recently had to change the fuse on my Fatman Itube speakers and although they are now working again, the bass on the speakers seems to have gone. The sound is not distorted or crackling, just appears to have no bass. This is apparent on both speakers.

I have removed the valves and changed them around but this has made no difference to the sound. I'm not sure if it is the speakers that are the problem or the actual fatman unit.

If anyone has had a similar problem in the past or any ideas as to how I can fix it, it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm not very good with stuff like this so any help would be good, would love to get these speakers back to normal!

Thanks in advance.


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Mar 8, 2009
Sounds like you may have blown both bass drivers on the speakers. Unusual. I just had a look at the manual and can't see where the fuses are. Which fuses blew/where are they?


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