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Aug 10, 2019
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This old fella needs bringing back into the new century and is looking for some sound advice.

I remain the proud owner of the following kit and woud like to know what anyone would suggest as the modern day replacement, or if it happens to still cut the mustard.

I'm also interested to hear what you guys think of wireless speakers and whether anyone believes they can beat some good old thick speaker cable.

Current kit list includes:

Rotel RA-921 Amplifier

AIWA XC 300 CD Player

Dennon TU 260L II Tuner

JPW Mini Monitor Speakers

There's also my old Dual turntable stashed in the loft, but even I admit defeat on this one!

Thank you for your assistance.


Well your budget and room details would be real nice to know but right off the bat I'd say only replace that amplifier if you find it isn't loud enough (unless your budget is high) I've personally never had any faith in anything AIWA so I'd sling the CD player out and something better. I might even consider a budget SACD player... but when browsing for SACD's it has to be said.. it REALLY helps justify an SACD player purchase if you are a classical music fan... or a Genesis fan because they seem to hold the disc monopoly. There have been others but it's usually just one album. Like Pink Floyd have Dark Side on SACD which is awesome, but dangit I want shine out you crazy diamond on SACD.

Anyway, the tuner (I'm guessing) is not DAB enabled so if you still value your radio listening then I'd invest in a decent DAB tuner. i don't listen to the radio though so I can't really suggest anything even if I did know what you were after;) What I will say though, is that if radio is your primary listening area then a good DAB tuner would probably be the most significant performance increase for your system particularly for the medium wave stuff.

Speakers.. I think a friend of mine had the speakers you talk of at uni. Small but suprisingly punchy. I'm guessing you have them on stands and I'm also guessing you don't want big intrusive speakers. You might want to consider the picture frame piezo electric speakers which are just that.. pictures you hang on the wall that are also speakers I think wharfedale came out with a set and I know others have too. Failing that why not try auditioning monitor audios BR2's (not the BR1's) they have a nice kick and the pertinant advantage the 2's have over the 1's is a higher sensitivity (90db vs 88db) which you will benefit from because you amplifier is only 25 watts per channel. not to mention the better bass response etc..

But yes, when looking for speakers to match that amp I would look for ones with a higher sensitivity (average is around 88-89 db). If you have a larger budget then the GS10's keep getting good things told about them... but I feel they would be totally wasted on your current amplifier.

It really bogs down to how much you are willing to spend and what is more important to you in terms of sound source. CD, radio.... TV? or all 3.... i.e. I wouldn't replace somehting you don't really use much.. unelss that fact it sound crap is why you don't use it much;)


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