EXPERT OPINION REQUIRED: Wharfdale DX1 or JBL Cinema 500 with Yamaha RX-V471


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a smallish room (4.8m x 3.3m). Have a 55" 3D LED TV. Will be watching movies, Satellite TV, some FTA TV, in that order. Not much of a music fan.

So I have also bought myself a Yamaha RX-V471 AV Receiver.

Looking for experts opinion as to which 5.1 speaker system should I go for out of these two.

My budget is limited and there are no many choices I have !

One is the Wharfdale DX1, which I can have for $639 (

Other is the JBL Cinema 500 speaker package which can be had for around $500 from Amazon USA.

What I wanted to know is that which system has better specs out of the two. I am quite a noob in these matters.

Here are the specs:

JBL Cinema 500 Speaker Specifications

Wharfdale DX1 Speaker Specifications


JBL Cinema 500 Sub Woofer

Wharfdale DX1 Sub Woofer

So, ppl, can you tell me which one has better specs out there ?