European law banning Apple's Lightning cables won't apply in UK


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It's not strictly speaking banned. Apple could put both USB-C and Lightning on a phone. Of course we know they are not going to do that.

I would say that for owners of iPhones <= 4 years old the port is only used for charging, and 99% of these users will be using wireless buds - I have the cheapest Edifier in-ears (30 quid) and they still sound very good.

It's only the most hardened audiophiles like John Darko who still used wired buds as cost is not an issue.

So the port is effectively single purpose, but there will be a big blowback for those who've coughed up on the latest Apple chargers.


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Jan 6, 2020
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I would guess more people use a Lightning to USB cable to connect their phone to their cars as you get better ability to browse through your music collection over a wired connection on most cars. There are also a fair number of gadgets with only a Lightning plug, like my FLIR One thermal camera. I’ve set aside my old iPhone 5 for it.

I personally can’t wait for Lightning and micro-USB to be replaced everywhere by USB-C.


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