esting whether speakers(L nR) are in phase


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Aug 10, 2019

How will i ceck my left and right speakers are in phase? well i followed the color code correctly while connecting them .

But a friend of mine said its not enought they might be still having phase difference.. Im using DENON 1910 avr , any idea bout how to identify phase difference , and to correct it.



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If you followed the colour-coded cable then you'll be fine.

The traditional way to test by listening works for stereo, so for AV you'd need to try the front pair first, then the back pair. By then you'd know if you were OK for the centre (plus any other if you have 7.1 or whatever). Here's what you do:-

Put on a track with a strong bass sound, maybe a regular beat or drum sound. Place the Left and Right speakers nearby, facing each other. In-phase will sound strong in the bass; out of phase, the bass will be weak. This is because if it is out-of-phase one speaker will be sucking while the other is blowing - if you see what I mean.

If your friend is nerdier than that, he may mean 'absolute phase', rather than relative phase which I have just described. In that case, he means when there is (say) an explosion on a soundtrack, do the speakers all move outwards, or are they all moving inwards. My Blowing or Sucking analogy holds good - you want them to blow (move outwards)! If you can see your speakers by removing the grilles, then you should be able to see this. If you have satellite pods, they won't move that much, as all the large movement will be handled by the sub-woofer (SW). In which case, you should be able to see the SW moving.

If none of that helps, forget it and just enjoy!


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Aug 21, 2009
This what I used to do if not sure (Post No.15 by Dean Hartley):


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Apr 8, 2011
For vinyl you can get test records that will quickly and easily tell you if your left and right channels are in phase or not.

For digital try Googling "loudspeaker phase test track" for a phase test to play on your system.

As to absolute phase, try reversing the polarity of both speakers and see if you can tell any difference. If you can, keep the setting that you like best with a variety of recordings.

There's no gaurantee that any recording you listen to will be in absolute phase or not.


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