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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi all,

Advice required if possible.

At present I have CRT Panasonic TX28PL1 and SA-MT1 DVD "home cinema system".

While you`re all composing yourselves again after splitting your sides laughing I`ll tell you what I`m considering purchasing.

Panasonic TX 37 LZD 70

Onkyo AV receiver not sure between TX-SR505 or TX-SR605

Q Acoustics 1010i Speakers

Denon DVD 1940

I know everyone will say to go for the Onkyo TX-SR605 but as I`m "new" to separates the cheaper model will probably be 10 times better than what I`ve got at present.

As for speakers I have a morbid fear of what to do with speaker wire and how to hide it in my lounge. I have wooden flooring and as I rent I`m not in a position to start lifting the floor up.

Anyway back to the system I`ve got in mind, will it do the trick, I don`t watch too much TV but prefer watching movies and listening to music. I can`t afford to fork out for stereo system for music listening alone so hoping my choices will suffice for both music and movies.

Oh, forgot to mention I also use my iPod for music too.

Any advice would be taken on board, as for me it`s alot of money to spend, quite scary to be honest.


Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi there,

I'd go for the pricier Onkyo purely to future-proof yourself: as it handles the new HD audio formats, it'll cope with any DVD-to-Blu-ray upgrade you go for (which will suit your Full HD choice of TV).

It'll also be slightly more musical - the Onkyos aren't the best in stereo, but the 605 will serve you better (and Onkyo do a great iPod dock that'll allow you to charge and control your player). The Denon is OK with music, too, and the Q Acoustics package is far superior than style speakers at this price.

Going back to the TV - it's a superb set, but you may also want to consider its new plasma sibling (the TH37PX80): we haven't formally tested it yet, but early indications suggest it's even better than its Award-winning TH37PX70 predecessor.

The plasma is HD Ready to the LCD's Full HD, but as you're not using an HD source that's no big deal - plus the plasma is futureproof in terms of handling 1080p/24fps. You may find the resolution, contrast, motion-handling and black depth suits your diet of movies better.


Thanks Clare; I`ll maybe hold fire until I find out more on the new Panasonic plasma you suggested, worth investigating I`m sure. In the meantime I`ve been very casually scouring the web to track down some decent prices.

Onkyo 605 + 1010i 5.1 speaker in a package £ 849-99 inc vat from Exceptional Audio Visual (part of Now Group UK Ltd)

Pana TX-37LZD70 £ 698-50 from Lets GO Digital

Denon DVD 1940 £ 169-95 from Richer Sounds

I know of Richer Sounds, there`s a branch nearby in Cambridge, but not familiar with other suppliers. Granted these are the results of a very quick search but in your experience do the they sound OK ?

I`m a bit wary of buying online anyway and you can`t haggle over a price unless you`re face to face, besides would be nice to see and hear products in action in any case.


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