Entry-level query. Monotir Audio BX1 or Wharfedale 10.1


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Aug 10, 2019

Not the biggest spend in the world, but wondering if anyone who owns either MABX1 or Wharfedale 10.1 would comment on their personal level of satisfaction.

I have a modest Onkyo mini system CS-515 specced at 26+26 watts into 4ohm speakers, something like 22+22 into 6ohm and 19+19 into 8ohm. It is currently running the Onkyo spekers that came with system. In true mid-fi style I'm looking to upgrade. Spekaers now and amp at later stage.

Budget is tight. Both of my options available for €180ish.

Room is big (40Sqm 150cubicmetres).

it is a Kitchen/dining room sort of traditional farmhouse style.

Speakers will sit close to rear wall, and close to one side of cooker-surround. (nope, no options)

Have MA Radius HD system in living room, like the look and sound, and the brand.

Have auditioned the MABX1, like the look of them a lot, would fit in with traditional farmhouse kitchen style.

I don't understand much of the speaker language, but to my ears they were trebbly and bassy all at once without a whole pile in the middle. Not necessarily end of the world for broad musical tastes.

Bit worried about rear ports, bit worried about whether these small guys will be a meaningful upgrade.

Have auditioned 10.1s, don't like the bling-look screws and chrome and shineyness. Easily solved with grille left on.

Sound to my ear was more rounded particulary mid-tones.

On-paper spec is better, as long-term proposition for room-filling watts, and low-end ability (rated down to 48hz BX1 55)

Nope not interested in pending extra to go to BX2, (although front-porting would suit my positioning)

Not intersted in Mission MX1 or Q-acoustic 2010s

Ay views on these two options.

Thanks in advance


Never heard the MA's but I understand they can be bright, I do have Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 though and I rate them highly. They stack up surprisingly well against my Spendor SA1's, treble is very airy, midrange is beautifully detailed, only the bass (which theres enough for a bookshelf) can be a little loose at times, also everything is very well integrated. They don't image as well as my Spendors and are not quite as detailed but comparing the cost you'd expect that, I reckon the 10.1 would still be a bargain at twice the price. Long term these are speakers that won't outstay their welcome, forget how they're rated here, believe your ears first.


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