Eltax Symphony Speakers


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Guys,

Just a quick query, does anyone know anything abouth these speakers from Eltax or just generally anything about Eltax.

I bought these about 5 years ago as a spur of the moment purchase from Richer sounds as I wanted a floorstander which produced strong base for a two speaker AV setup. Anyway, they were too big for my lounge at the time and I soon changed them. Since then they have been hidden away, I connected them up outside for a party in the summer to an old amp and my ipod and more recently have used them in my bedroom (15 foot squarish) as a second system with said old amp and ipod on speaker cable bought from a hardware store.

They stand about 3.5 feet high are about 1.5 feet deep and have a tweater and seperate midrange and bass drivers with twin front ports, also biwirable.

Not sure whether these are OK for this size room or whether I would get better dynamics from smaller speakers (maybe something like second hand wharfedale Diamonds on stands), bearing in mind they are only used occasionally for short periods of time, rather than prolonged listening. I used to use the amplifier with Wharfedale Delta 30.2 speakers.

I also take it I could improve their dynamics by maybe using the floor spikes and sitting them on two piece pieces and better speaker cable (is there a speaker cable that may reduce the bassiness of the speakers), also thinking about adding something like the Chord iChord cable for the connectors.

Is this just pure overkill for a 17 year old amplifier that only cost me £127.00 back then?




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Sep 9, 2007
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these are overlooked speakers that sound very involving given the right ancillaries.the better the front end and amp the better they sound.vinyl really makes them sing,if i were you i would make the most of them,use spikes, qed is fine and run them in.you say they were only used so often so get them up and running they are that good.


Thanks Gregory,

They were used for about 6 months, before I decided they were two big and invested in smaller Castle Pembroke Floorstanders.

I think I will invest in some decent speaker cable (QED) and a better interconnect to my ipod (all music is in Lossless format) and add the spikes back on to the bottoms, I took them off because we have floorboards and didn't want to damage them, then realised I could use 2p coins to sit the spikes on....DOH!!!

Would like to upgrade my amp from the old Pioneer A227 to maybe an audiolab 8000A (off ebay) and I am sure I would have an excellent second room system then.

Amp has to wait though because I want to upgrade my main system first :-(

If these are front ported, any advice on how close I could sit them next to rear walls / Chest of drawers in between.