Ekos cart compatability


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Oct 12, 2007
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A quick one really.

I currently have a Lyra Argo i in an Ittok arm. I've had this set up for years and it is great.

I may have the opportunity to upgrade to an Ekos (second hand of course!). It's a big may and probably won't come off but while it's on my mind, I wondered if there would be any problem putting the Lyra into the Ekos? I only ask as I seem to remember reading somewhere many moons ago that not all carts are compatible with the Ekos.

It's unlikely to come off, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I just love living the audiophile dream while my current back account is a complete nightmare! :boohoo:


The Linn Akiva cartridge is made by Scantech, who also make the Lyra cartridges. Therefore there should be no problem using a Lyra cartidge in the Ekos arm. The headshell in the Ekos is very short, which makes fitting some cartridges difficult.

A point to remember is that the Ekos arm is supposed to be removed from the deck before fitting or removing the cartridge. Installing the cartridge whilse the arm is in the deck can apparently damage the bearings.


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