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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm in the market for a new pair of ear-phones to go with my new ipod. My budget is no more than £80.

I have narrowed it down to 3 - the Bose in ears, the Shure SE210's or the new Sennheiser PXC 300.

the last of which are noise canceling. I have read many reviews of each of these, and many other earphone makers. The one thing that has plagued on my mind. Is that no reviews of any ear-canal type noise isolating designs mention this flaw.

I have 2 pairs of expensive sony in ear, one pair costing £35 the other nearly £60. And despite being noise isolating, i can hear every thump thump of my feet hitting the deck. And every time i move my head, the cable from the earphone rubbing against something goes straight into my head too. And quite frankly it p!sses me right off.

Are other ear-canal phones like this. Reviewers go on & on about sound quality, and they might block out the sounds of the bus they're on. But does all this other noise translate into your head too.

My use is going to be real-world. Traveling to & from work on a double decker bus. So what ear-phones are going to be best suited to me.

BTW my musical preference on my ipod is mostly Melodic Trance

John Duncan

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My experience - of in-ear types, have had Shure E2cs and Sennheiser CX300s - the Sennheisers were (subjectively) less susceptible to cable noise and footfalls than the Shures were - whether this is because the Shures do a better job of isolating you from the outside or not (and therefore make you more aware of your own chewing) I don't know, but I am not aware of this issue with the Sennheisers at all, and they're very good.

One last point - tape up the connection between cable and jack on any pair of headphones you get, because every single pair of any make I've had has ended up breaking at that weak point.


hi flanker.

i have also had similar problems with earphones. The main pairs of phones i have used are sony mdr71s (in ear slightly cancelling types), sennheiser pxc-250 noise cancelling cans and shure E3c. Both the sennheisers and shures blow the sony away in terms of sound quality. You still get the thudding of feet/heartbeat/chewing gum noise with the shure in ear phones, but i think it is worth the sacrifice as the sound is more involving and dynamic than the sennheisers.

so to sum it up i think that both shure and sennheisers do a good job, but i pick up the shures every time as the sound is that much better for my tastes.

regards, john


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